On November 13, Pastor Tomas and others from Rio Chico/Copper Canyon will be at Neighborhood Alliance Church in Riverton.  See Pastor Phil for more info.

URGENT NEED: One of our fields is looking for a Speech & Language Pathologist who would be willing to embark on a short term missions trip to work with the children of some of our International Workers.  If you have training in this field and are interested in knowing more about this opportunity, please contact Chris Tweedy at the Rocky Mountain C&MA District Office 406-656-4233 or ctweedy@rmdcma.com

For the kids: Dismissed after the morning offering

  • There is a Children's Church service in the basement for kids 3 years old through 2nd grade.  This service is complete with worship, teaching, and an offering that the kids make the decisions on where to use it!
  • We have a Nursery in the basement for kids birth up to age 3.
  • Treasure Seekers sheets (located in the cry room) are for all ages who wish to stay for the sermon.  Kids will just grab a sheet, follow along and fill it in.  These can be turned in, after the service, to Lance for a TS coin.**NOTE: If your kids are going to do Treasure seekers, they must remain upstairs for the whole sermon**  Collect your coins to be able to buy some great stuff

Our Children's Church and Nursery coordinators are always looking for additional help.  If you're interested in serving please see Reann Follum for Nursery or Dixie Berger for Children's Church.


Sunday School for all ages is at 9:30AM every Sunday in the basement of the church!


Adult Sunday School: *questions, contact Joe Gaspari

More info to come.  But if you have questions please reach out to Joe at jgaspari@hotmail.com

If you have never joined us for Sunday School, it is 9:30-10:15 in the basement of the church Sunday before service.  We pray, watch a video, and answer some discussion questions.  I hope to see you there!

Moms In Prayer


Come and stand in the gap for your children and our schools!  We meet every Monday from 4:00-5:00pm at the Aliens and Strangers Youth Center.


Youth Group


Kids 5th and a half -12th grade meet every Wednesday evening from 7:00-9:00pm at the Aliens & Strangers Youth Center.

Food and drinks (soda, gatorade, juice, water) are available for purchase.

If you need help getting your child to/from Youth Group please contact Lance Grubb.

Nursing Home Service


Please join us at 3:00pm Sunday 11/17/2019  for our service at the Saratoga Care Center (the nursing home).  Saratoga Care Center is located across the street from SAC and Kathy Glode Park. 


 "The Art of Parenting" Bible Study

We have finished this session.  Please check back for more dates!

First Things First: *questions, contact Dan Runner


First Sunday of each month, 5:30pm at the church.  Come pray the scriptures.


Bible Studies Information:


To see all our Bible Study options for men and women please head over to our SAC Ministries page! 


Please view our schedules below.

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER SERMON SERIES: Discovering Joy on Your Journey

The Book of Philippians stands out like a brilliant gem among the letters of the Apostle Paul.  The main message is how life in Jesus makes it possible to discover joy on your journey.  It is a surprising theme given the fact that Paul wrote this letter from a Roman prison.  Everyone knows that life is uncertain, with its many ups and downs.  Philippians give us a new perspective with a wealth of practical insights that exalt Jesus and encourage us.  It shows us how we can live each day with praise and rejoicing dominating our thoughts and actions.  Get ready to be uplifted, challenged and blessed.


In a world overshadowed by sin, we long for Jesus' return.  For many who witnessed the coming of Jesus as a baby in Bethlehem, their lives were marked by a life-shattering transition - a holy turning point.  The coming of Jesus, as the prophets had promised allowed for so many to take the next step in what God had planned for them.  Join us this Advent season and hear from God's Word about how we can live with unspeakable joy, even when we are living in between.

sunday ministries

Greeter: *To sign up please see Pastor Phil

Computer Tech: *To sign up please see Robby Follum

Children's Church: *Every other Sunday **To sign up please see Dixie Berger

Nursery: *To sign up please see Reann Follum

Snow Removal: *To sign up please see Dale Kostur


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