At Saratoga Alliance we believe that our mission is to follow what Jesus called "The Greatest Commandment": Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

We want THAT to be what drives us.  It is our belief that if we truly love Jesus with all that we have, everything else will come together!

When we love Jesus...our homes will be a place of peace.

When we love Jesus...we have a purpose for living.

When we love Jesus...we will love the world like Jesus loves the world!

This is not a new thing.  It is not something we have perfected.  But it IS who we desire to be!

Saratoga Alliance Church

Missions Fundraiser


       Saturday, June 16


5 PM


Mexican Fiesta Taco Bar


Silent Auction


Cost: Donations will be accepted


Proceeds will support short-term

mission trips.


1302 South River Street

(Across from the Airport)


Matt. 28:19 Go Therefore and make disciples

of all nations, baptizing them in

the name of the Father and

of the Son and of the

Holy Spirit.

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