2018 women's retreat

Our annual Fall Women's Retreat will be held at Medicine Bow Lodge October 12-14, 2018. Our guest speaker is Karen Baughman from Gillette, WY and our theme is "Valley Girls: Walking Together Through Life's Ups and Downs".

We will be talking about the valleys of life, big and small, and what the Bible says about them. We will discuss the reasons why we travel the valleys alone and how we have been deceived into believing "I am better on my own". Then we will look at God's call to us as believers and sisters in Christ to walk with one another in our valleys - to be a Valley Girl.

The cost to attend and stay at the Lodge is $100 per person.  If you plan to stay at home or within driving distance from the Lodge the cost is $80 per person.  Don't let cost deter you!  We have scholarship funds available, just visit with Pastor Phil or Melissa for more information.

You can get a registration form at the church or online by clicking here.  Registration closes 9/23/18!