bring your bible to school day

More than 500,000 students from across the United States will join the Bring Your Bible to School movement on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019. The annual student-led event, provides a unique opportunity for young people to share about their faith by highlighting its source – the Bible.

Throughout the day, children and teens will share their experiences via social media using the hashtag #BringYourBible.

More info coming soon! 

Want to get involved?  Reach out to our local Huddle leader: Jason Williams

what do you think?

What if there is a God who cares so much about each

of us that He gave us a personal message of hope?

I brought my Bible to school with me today because I believe

that this is true—that God does exist, that He loves us, and

that He wants to have a relationship with us. I believe that

this message is found in the Bible, which talks about how

God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to this earth to give His life

for people like you and me.

I also believe that one of the main things that makes our

country great is the constitutional freedom we have to

voluntarily talk about God. That’s why I’m participating

in “Bring Your Bible to School Day”—because I want to

celebrate our religious freedom!