When Jesus changes your life -

your natural reaction is

to do all you can to see Him change somebody else's life.

  • Local

    We are always looking for ways to love on our community here in the Platte Valley in Carbon County. 

  • Mexico

    God has given us a wonderful partnership with His church in Mexico. Through the years, we have partnered in various ways to serve the people of the Copper Canyon and other places. We build churches, build schools, build homes for workers. We have shared of our finances, shared our pick up trucks, and shared our lives as well. Many from our congregation have gone to serve in Mexico, and as much as they give, they are always the richer for the experience.  

  • Around The World

    When we love God with all our heart ... our heart begins to beat like His heart. We are convinced that God's heart is for all nations, and we believe that God's call to make disciples of all nations is a call to us. We are committed to being involved in God's work around the world. We strive to be involved with His work through the way we live our lives, the way we spend our money, the way we pray, and the way we support those who have sacrificed greatly so others can hear the wonderful message of Jesus Christ.