Jesus loved children when He walked on the earth, and so do we! We believe we have a GREAT responsibility to invest in children. We have Sunday School classes for every age, include our children in our worship, and provide Children's Church during the preaching time so that our younger ones learn at their own level. Children are never in the way at Saratoga Alliance. They are a blessing from God!


We don't believe that God will use our kids "someday". We know that He uses them now and so we work to find places where they can be participants in God's work. Playing the hand-bells under the direction of MIss Brooke is ALWAYS a favorite ... for young and old alike. 

children's church

All we want for our children is to raise them to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, serve Jesus as their King, and to be Mighty Warriors for Jesus. Part of that is serving Him and so, part of their Children's Church is service - learning to bless others in Jesus' Name

Little art big heart

Kids - Summer in the park  (and art)-

Instilling creativity in God's beautiful creation!